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wrong signal to violent protesters and would not help calm down the current situation in Hong Kong, the HKSAR government said in a statement.Those unnec

essary and unwarranted acts w▓ill harm the relations between the two sides and their common int▓erests, the HKSAR government said, reiterating that foreign legislatures should no▓t interfere in any form in the internal affairs of the HKSAR.The passage of legislation also triggered concerns about the economic prospects of Hong Ko▓ng among economic experts in Hong Kong, who pointed o

ut that restrictive trade measures that may be adopted could easily backfire."The bill is not in line with the interests of the United States," sa


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id Francis T. Lui, professor emeritus of th▓e Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.Ci▓ting figures that the United S

gress has gr

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tates has earned 297 billion U.S. dollars from trading with Hong Kong in the past decade, the

largest bilateral trade▓ surplus amongst its global trading partners, Lui said the U.S. move is not helpful in achieving its goal of balanced trade.Business associations also feared U.S. companies would fall victim to the bill as many of them

hav▓e set up regional headquarters and offices in Hong Kong and used the metropolis as a base to explore other a wide range of Asia-Pac

own stronger in Hong Kong

ific markets.The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong has called for support for Hong Kong's special status, saying that many U.S. businesses feared that the bi▓ll, with the sections addressing export controls and sanctions, could have counter-productive c

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ng Special Admin

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onsequences on them.Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of China Business W▓ong Ping also said U.S. enterprises will lose their most ▓important and freest base in the Asia-Pacific if Hong Kong was rescinded its status as a s▓eparate

customs territory because of the bill.Wong pointed out that international economic relation is not about one side doing a favor for the other, warning that the United States might suffer greater losses once China takes up strong countermeasures.Experts said while the U.S. legislation would certainly have an impact on Hong Kong's economy, it wo▓uld not be a critical one. It is rather the implementat

he other act on Hong Kon

ion of the "one country, two systems" principle, the huge m▓ainland market and support from the central government that serves as the strongest impetus ▓behind Hong Kong's development.In the latest move of support, the ▓mainland and HKSAR on Thursday updated an

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